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An interview with Pavel Tulaev
conducted by Constantin von Hoffmeister

1. Could you please introduce yourself to our readers? Please tell us something about your activities in Russia.

First of all, I would like to thank you, Mr. von Hoffmeister, for organizing this interview. Let us glorify the gods of our race. Let them protect our meeting. What can I, shortly, tell you about myself? My complete name is Pavel Vladimirovich Tulaev. I was born in Krasnodar (southern Russia) in 1959, and I was educated in Moscow. Today I am well known as a publisher (editor-in-chief) of THE ATHENAEUM, a Russian New Right international review.

My personal life was not conventional and easy. I lived in various countries and cities: Vienna, Sochi, Canberra, Seville, Utica. I started my career as a linguist and a poet. Then I earned a doctorate in History and wrote some theses about Russia, Europe, Latin America, and the USA. (ILLUSTRATION: Mr. Tulaev today.)

I have published more than 100 publications in different languages and styles. The very important books are: Understanding the Russian World, Russia and Spain (published only in part), Veneti: Ancestors of Slavs and [translations of] four volumes by Anthony Sutton, the famous American conspirologist. Before THE ATHENAEUM, I was the head of NASLEDIYE PREDKOV (Ancestral Heritage) and produced eight issues of this Pagan magazine. My recent publications are DEUTSCHLAND UND RUSSLAND and Guillaume Faye's WORLD COUP D'ETAT: AN ESSAY ON THE NEW AMERICAN IMPERIALISM. One can find more information on my site and the Slavic portal (that I publish with the help of my wife Galyna Lozko, the Pagan leader from the Ukraine).

2. You are a Russian nationalist and a pan-Europeanist. In your opinion, how do these two seemingly divergent views correlate?

I used to be a Russian nationalist when we were fighting against the stupidities of the Communist regime. I always admired the great Russian history and culture. In 1993, I was invited to the USA to give lectures on Russian civilization. But now I understand clearly that any nationalism is not enough for our renaissance. Very often extreme nationalists of neighboring countries become opponents and even enemies. So we need to be more open and responsible for the White world as a whole organism. That's why I participate in the pan-European movement as vice-president of SYNERGIES EUROPEENES and as a member of the Slavic Committee in Russia. Everyone should care about his fatherland first and then about his race.

3. What do you think the prospects for German-Russian relations are at the moment?

Right now they are good and pretty close. President Putin, who speaks German fluently, meets often with Chancellor Schroeder to resolve bilateral problems. But one day these leaders will leave, and who can guarantee that the current course will be adhered to? Our peoples were always in contact throughout history -- good or bad -- and have a lot of common interests nowadays. Germany occupies old Slavic lands in the East. Russian culture, especially philosophy, was strongly influenced by German thinkers, such as Hegel, Nietzsche and Heidegger. The socialist movement had started in Germany (before Russia), though the leaders of the Third Reich learned from the experience of the USSR.

After the victory in 1945 and a long period of Soviet occupation in the GDR, our government let your people reunite Germany. Please realize that it was a good gesture, a big gift and a political compromise. In the same way Germans should understand that modern Russia has become a divided nation. The very heart of the old Rus state has broken into three big pieces now: Great Russia, White Russia, and the Ukraine (its historical name was Rus or Little Russia). If Germany wants to have a strategic partner in the East, it must leave the aggressive NATO alliance and support a friendly Russia. Your intellectuals can read more arguments and details about this question in my collection DEUTSCHLAND UND RUSSLAND.

4. I have heard that you are called 'Buyan.' Is that a Pagan name? What does it mean? What meaning can Paganism have in the modern White world?

Yes, my Pagan name is Buyan. It is the name of the legendary Russian mystical island, the sacred place of magic forces, like Ultima Thule for Germans. I received this important name through my initiation into the Pagan circle. Now it has become an official Heathen confession. We call it Rodnaya Vera (Native Faith). When I write some esoteric, neo-archaic or spiritual texts, I always use this name. Many of my close friends do the same. For example, my wife's Pagan name is Zoreslava. It means "Glory to the Dawn." We work and fight together for a Traditionalist and New Right alternative to the modern degeneration. We carefully study the ancient pre-Christian world, make Heathen reconstructions of rituals and festivals, publish Pagan books, magazines, newspapers, and Web sites.

You may call our revolution Aryan or White -- but please always stress the positive aspects of our movement. Do not repeat the dramatic mistakes of the 20th century. And let's start with ourselves. Let's be wise, educated, and strong. Leave the ignorance to the fools. Let's be responsible for our nations, our race, and common heritage.

5. What is your vision of the future of the White world?

I am not optimistic. The modern world, in spite of its technological achievements, is going to hell. (By the way, that term is an old Pagan one: Hades in Greek; Ad in Russian; Inferno in Latin and Italian. It means the mortal sphere of the outside world.)

Our White race is infected by liberal ideals and capitalist standards. It is degenerating and degrading. Switch on the TV, look around the Internet, listen to pop music. What do you see? Stupid shows and non-stop advertising for millions of passive spectators. Transnational business needs you only as a consumer. You must pay, buy, and cry with happiness! You are in a golden cell (prison) and under sweet occupation.

The so-called Third World is following old religious traditions and is growing. The White world is making money and having fun. And it is dying.

State-provoked terrorism will not resolve these problems. We need another way. We want a revolution among Whites. An absolutely new alternative to this vampirism. We want genetic improvement, cultural renaissance, and political organization. Our dream is an alliance of White nations, maybe a military bloc, maybe an international pact or even a confederation. Not at once, not in one day, but in a real and pragmatic way.

Of course I know that there exists a strong global opposition to this "honey hell." There are different forms of organized and leaderless resistance. We are a proper part of this world "reconquista." Our fight is our way of life. This is our way to be free, honest, and proud. This is our way to Valhalla, to our native gods and ancestors, that we call Iriy and other people -- paradise.

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