Kerry Bolton’s new book is a continuation of his long-term work on the study of Russia. It does not repeat, but complements and deepens his previous publications about the peculiarities of the Orthodox world, the secrets of the Bolshevik revolution, the historical role of Stalin and Putin’s modern policy.

The encyclopedic scope of knowledge, the possession of the cultural heritage of the right thinkers, the use of the methods of theology, dialectical philosophy, conspiracy, geopolitics, sociology and psychology transform the author from New Zeland into a knight of the spiritual sword.

All together this allow Kerry Bolton to understand the dramatic nature of global change, and in this regard — the world mission of the Holy Russia, which makes his work extremely relevant, and the author himself puts on a par with such Western thinkers as Walter Shubart, Francis Parker Yokey, Guillaume Faye.

The book will be especially useful to those who share the ideals of the New Right, revolutionary conservatives, supporters of the original Third Way in the name of the revival of our race, consciously opposing the aggressive dictatorship of the New World Order led by the United States of America.

Dr. Pavel Tulaev, professor of history at the International Slavic Institute in Moscow.

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