Pavel Tulaev answers to the questions of Jose Pedro Zuquete 08.09.2015

1) Do you see yourself as an Identitarian?

I am always on the Way. I have started my youth as a Soviet pioneer. Then I was a romantic revolutionary. Then has become an Orthodox. After I have studied classical philosophers, I have become a dialectic thinker. The Identitarian period in my life is related with the NATIVE FAITH (Rodnaja Vera). It is not just a copy of the ancient Paganism. To my opinion, the modern Russian NATIVE FAITH includes VEDIC tradition and Christian ORTHODOXY, because the fundaments of the Christianity comes from VEDA.

2) Do you think that Identitarianism is revolutionary?

The Identitarianism may be both revolutionary and conservative.It depends on the situation. If you just live somewhere in the old village of Europe, Asia, Africa or Latin America and follow the traditions of your ancesters, you are a Conservative. But if you promote identitarian life in the modern world, in New York city or Paris for example, you become a Revolutionary. A Conservative Revolutionary I could say.

3) Do you have any contacts with Bloc Identitaire in France, or with the Terre etPeuple network? What about Casa Pound in Italy?

I had some friendly contacts with this kind of people morethen ten years ago, when I published magazines NASLEDIJE PREDKOV (ANCESTER’S HERITAGE) and ATENEY (The Athenaeum). I know Pierre Vial personally and have met him twice. I have very good relations with Enrique Ravello, who was the head of “Terre et Peuple” in Spain. I know very well the leaders of the heathen World Congress of Ethnic Religions (WCER). Casa Pound from Italy is out of my competence, but I know some important Italian intellectuals, whom I have met in Bologne:SilvanoLorenzoni, PieroFavero, Renato del Ponte and others.

4) Identitarians of all sorts see the Islamic presence in Europe as an existential threat. What is your view on this issue? Additionally, counter-jihadism has a strong presence in the US. Do you generally agree with their views?

The Islamic aggression in Europe is a really big problem. Radical Islamism becomes more dangerous when it is supported by C.I.A. as an ethnic weapon. NATO wanted to direct Islamic radicals against Russia too. There were some dramatic events at this front. But the controlled conflict between civilizations has failed in our country thanks to Putin. Our President has realized the Eurasian alliance of peoples,that permits positive Muslims to protect our piece now.

5) Some identitarians – i.e Guillaume Faye – believe that due to massive immigration and islamization there will be a future of warfare in Europe. What is your opinion?

Guillaume Faye is a friend of mine. I have published some of his books in Russian language and have organized their presentations in Moscow. Of course, I know his position on the problem that he calls “new colonization of the Europe”. The ethnic warfare has started already in the West, but conflicts are local yet.

6) Together with Islamization, Identitarians are very critical of globalism, and the imposition worldwide of Western liberalism. America is “guilty” of imposing a unique, market-oriented, model of society on humanity’s diversity of cultures, traditions, and ways of living. In fact, may Identitarians separate “real” Europe, from the Americanized “West.” Do you share this view?

I would be happy if the authentic Europe will be free from American globalism. You know very good, what it is “amercanization” or “westernization”. I call it “honey hell”. Russians are ready to help our Europeans brothers in many ways. We have even started the projet of the Euro-Russian Confederation or the Continental Empire if you would like. My good friend Kris Roman is coordinating the Euro-Russian geopolitical center in Belgium. Please, see his WEB-PAGES:, his FACEBOOK: and contact him.

7) Do you agree with Putin’s foreign policy regarding Ukraine?

Our President tries to hold back the tragedy and the big war in this country for many years. But it is not easy at all. From the XIX centuryUkranian nationalists are fighting against Russia, that they call “Moscovia”.They have separated from the Russian Empire during the revolutions and they took a big part of our county, that is known as Little Russia (Malorossia), or just Western Russia. Donetsk, Lugansk and other cities from Novorossia region, were annexed. After 70 years of the “ukrainization” there still lived more then 10 millions of Russian people (20%), strictly connected with the Great Russia.

Post-Soviet separatism, so called “orange revolution” and the newest coup d’etat have led to the NATO occupation of Kiev. Pro-American ukranian nationalists and liberal zionists control the government now.But many people do not agree with this prostitute position. The Russian Crimea (historical Taurida),that had been annexed illegally by Khrushchev after Stalin’s death, decided to reunite with Mother Russia by referendum. Eastern and Southern Ukraine, that used to be the Novorossian region of the Empire before the revolutions, would like to follow the Сrimea example, but they were military attracted from Kiev. This way Ukrainian Nazis has started the bloody war against the citizens of their own county.

8) Do you think that identitarianism is a manifestation of extremism?

I have already mentioned that identitarianism may be conservative and may be revolutionary. In some situations, it can be very radical or even extremist. How can you estimate the Ukrainian civil war, where one part of the Russian people is killing another part of the Russian people?Orthodox are fighting Orthodox. Europeans are fighting Europeans. I wish you to avoid this kind extremism.

Moscow, 08.09.2015